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Award Amount:$24,000.00
Dollars Leveraged:$0.00
Start-End Dates:10/1/03-9/30/04
Description:The Rochester [New York] City School District developed a full EMS for the School District in order to educate the students on the District's "greener schools" initiative, educate District employees on how an EMS will result in P2 and safer workplace. The District also developed an environmental information web site specific to the environmental projects being implemented.

This project involved research and development of a model EMS to implement in the Rochester schools. This project also educated students and faculty about pollution prevention (P2).


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Funding Organizations

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Rochester City School District - Primary Contact

131 West Broad Street
Rochester, New York 14614
p: 585-262-8100
There are no individuals in this organization
associated with this project.

U.S. EPA Region 2 - Partner

290 Broadway
New York, New York 10007-1866
p: 212-637-3000
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