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Monday, April 14, 2014
IPCC: Mitigating climate change more challenging than ever
Global greenhouse emissions are skyrocketing. Emissions cuts required to avoid dangerous impacts of climate change are steep. And despite decades of talk, world governments have made paltry efforts to address the problem. That's the grim picture painted by a major report on mitigating greenhouse gas emissions released today by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Source: Science Insider, 4/13/14

Why rare earth recycling is rare and what we can do about it
As demand for high-tech devices grows, so does interest in recycling the esoteric metals that make them run. But challenges abound. Source: Ensia, 4/7/14

3 pathways to a clean energy future
The increasing capability and affordability of renewables and distributed resources, the pressure to combat climate change, and the need for a more resilient electricity system are creating opportunities as well as challenges the likes of which our electricity system has never faced before. By working together, these teams recognize that successful solutions must address not only the technical but also the social and creative complexity facing the electricity system. Source: GreenBiz, 4/14/14

A new DOE proposal would cement a big leap in lighting efficiency, but Congress is preventing even bigger savings
New energy-saving standards for certain types of incandescent and fluorescent light bulbs proposed by the Department of Energy (DOE) last Friday mark another important step in improving lighting efficiency in the United States. DOE's proposal further advances strong standards completed in 2009. Together, the 2009 standards and the proposed increases announced last week dramatically improve reflector lamp and fluorescent tube lamp efficiency by 70% and 23% respectively. Unfortunately, a congressional budget rider prevents DOE from saving even more. Source: ACEEE Blog, 4/14/14

Friday, April 11, 2014
Follow GLRPPR on YouTube
GLRPPR's webinar archives are now available on its YouTube channel. There are also several video playlists from other organizations available. Source: GLRPPR, 4/11/14

Friday, April 4, 2014
Scientist developing materials, electronics that dissolve when triggered
A medical device, once its job is done, could harmlessly melt away inside a person's body. Or, a military device could collect and send its data and then dissolve away, leaving no trace of an intelligence mission. Or, an environmental sensor could collect climate information, then wash away in the rain. Source: Iowa State University, 4/4/14

Thursday, April 3, 2014
Apple, Facebook, Google Web data centers getting greener: report
Apple Inc, Google Inc and Facebook Inc have made significant progress in adopting renewable energy sources to power their Web services, the environmental group Greenpeace said in a report on Wednesday. But energy-hungry data centers operated by some of the Internet industry's top companies remain overly reliant on carbon-emitting coal and gas, the report said. Source: Planet Ark, 4/3/14

Tuesday, April 1, 2014
Minn. bills to incentivize biofuel, biochemicals, biomass thermal
Legislation pending in the Minnesota Legislature aims to create incentives for renewable chemicals, advanced biofuels, and biomass thermal energy. Source: Biomass Magazine, 3/12/14

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