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GLRPPR maintains a variety of state, regional, national and international listservs that cover topics ranging from mercury reduction to regulatory integration to general p2 technical assistance. Many of the lists below are moderated, which means in order to become a member, you must demonstrate your connection to the list.

If you are interested in joining a list described below, click on the listserv name and enter your e-mail address or complete the subscription form.

The Great Lakes Information Network (GLIN) provides technical support. All members of listservs managed by GLRPPR are encouraged to read our policy on Listserv Etiquette.

GLRPPR Maintained Public Listservs

An information-sharing forum for pollution prevention technical assistance providers. Discussions of pollution prevention solutions to technical and engineering problems. Messages are archived. The archive can be searched at the GLIN site at

GLRPPR Maintained Private Listservs

To join the listservs below, you must be affiliated in some way to the list.

Discussion forum for the Great Lakes Regional Pollution Prevention Roundtable Steering Committee. Moderated.

P2Rx is a national network of regional centers that provides access to pollution prevention information, research and expertise. This list involves P2Rx members interested in discussing web-related issues. Moderated.

Information relevant to members of the Great Lakes Regional Pollution Prevention Roundtable including upcoming activities and conferences.

National Listservs

AGCENTER - Archive
National Agriculture Compliance Assistance Center

Baces - Archive
Sharing environmental information among Iowa's business assistance community.

Brownfields - Archive
EPA Brownfields Program news

CERIPUBS - Archive
A periodic announcement of new technology transfer products from US EPA's Center for Environmental Research Information

CHIEF - Archive
Emission Factor and Inventory Group

Climate Communicators - Archive
Climate change communications, outreach, and education

CUE - Archive
Discussion list for the college and university environmental management (CUE) community.

Discussion list for the college and university environmental management community in Nebraska.

Decentralized - Archive
Onsite/decentralized wastewater management issues

Earth Pledge Updates
Earth Pledge is New York City based. To subscribe, e-mail

EJ Hispanic Outreach - Archive
Environmental Justice info (Spanish)

EJNE - Archive
Discussion list for the Environmental Justice in Nebraska (EJNE).

EMWGLIST - Archive
Exposure Modeling Work Group, pesticide exposure modeling

Environmental Management Accounting
The purpose of this list is to provide an open forum for the posting and discussion of news and information relating to environmental accounting. List members are individuals who have been active in the field of environmental accounting, who want to examine EA successes and challenges, and are looking to share information on future environmental accounting-related activities. To subscribe to this listserv, send a blank e-mail to

EnviroTechNews - Archive
Information for the environmental technology industry

EnvNeb - Archive
Nebraska environmental service provider community

EPA News - Archive
EPA news releases

EPA News Espanol - Archive
EPA news releases in Spanish

EPA RANDD News - Archive
News briefs regarding Science and Research

EPA-Air - Archive
Federal Register Air documents

EPA-CEPP - Archive
U.S. EPA Chemical Emergency Preparedness and Prevention Office (CEPPO)

EPA-EJ - Archive
Environmental Justice information

EPA-General - Archive
Federal Register General documents

EPA-Hudson - Archive
Hudson River PCBs

EPA-SAB - Archive
EPA's Federal Register Science Advisory Board discussion list

EPA-Tox - Archive
Federal Register toxic documents

EPA-TRI - Archive
Federal Register Toxic Release Inventory documents

EPA-Waste - Archive
Federal Register Waste documents

ETVoice - Archive
Environmental Verification Technology Program info

FedEnviroNews - Archive
Federal facilities environmental news

FSBT - Archive
Fostering Sustainable Behavior Discussion List

GHGInventory-I - Archive
Greenhouse gas emissions data

GreatLakesNews - Archive
Funding and project news from Great Lakes National Program Office of USEPA

Green Vehicles - Archive
Updates and Hot Topics of Green Vehicle Guide

GREENYES is an open (unmoderated) discussion forum focusing on policies and strategies needed to advance sustainable resource policies. We seek to advance serious discussion from a broad range of viewpoints. The GREENYES mailing list is a project of the GrassRoots Recycling Network. To subscribe to this listserv, send a blank e-mail to

Innovations - Archive
This listserv is provided by EPA's National Center for Environmental Innovation to share information about activities and events related to environmental innovation. Many of the featured news items are taken from EPA's press releases, and most include a web link for obtaining more complete information.

JTRNet - Archive
Public and non-profit recycling market developers

Manure Matters
This listserv is operated by University of Nebraska-Lincoln. For instructions on how to subscribe to this listserv, please visit

Mercury Policy, Legislation, and Regulations
The purpose of this listserve is to function as an information exchange forum for state, local, and federal officials on legislative, policy, and regulatory issues related to mercury reduction. In order to maximize the usefulness of Mercury_Policy to officials, membership is restricted to federal, state and local government employees only. Consultants, industry representatives, and environmental organizations will not be allowed to participate. To subscribe, send a blank e-mail to:

Michigan DEQ's Pollution Prevention Technical Assistance Group (P2-TAG)
To subscribe to this listerv, send a request to David Herb (

Michigan P2 Partnerships
To subscribe to this listerv, send a request to Jeff Spencer (

Michigan Pollution Prevention Technical Assistance Providers Network (P2-TAPN)
To subscribe to this listerv, send a request to David Herb (

Minnesota Sustainable Communities Network (MnSCN) e-newsletter
To receive this free biweekly e-mail newsletter on sustainability, send a request to

NCEE-Announce - Archive
US EPA's National Center for Environmental Economics

NEI-User Group - Archive
National Emission Inventory User Group

NMRL - Archive
U.S. EPA National Risk Management Research Laboratory

Northeast Recycling Council's ERC's EPP listserv - Archive
Established by the Northeast Recycling Council, Inc. (NERC) in 1998, the EPPnet listserv links federal, state, local and private procurement and environmental officials charged with purchasing environmentally preferable products and services, and developing policies for the procurement of these products. EPPnet is intended to provide subscribers with quick access to information, such as: availability of product specifications, vendors of particular products, pricing information, and strategies to achieve recycled product procurement goals and federal procurement policies. Please note: Private vendors are precluded from joining the listserv.

NPPR/P2 Policy - Archive
NPPR functions as a discussion forum for those who are interested in pollution prevention policy. The goal of the NPPR listserv is to stimulate information exchange by providing a conduit for members to discuss P2 policies, regulatory integration issues and legislative developments. Additionally, NPPR features updates on NPPR publications, events and other organizational information. To subscribe to this listserv, e-mail the NPPR list manager at

Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance information

OSWER Vision - Archive
Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response (OSWER) Quarterly Newsletter

P2 Librarians
Intended for professional librarians to discuss issues and exchange ideas related to managing pollution prevention information collections, sharing P2 information resources, and information standardization. Contact Crispin Stutzman, Pacific Northwest Pollution Prevention Resource Center (PPRC),

P2 Standards
A tool to help the P2 community develop information standards (such as: case study formats, web page META tags, peer review processes, etc). This list also supports the process of suggesting, drafting, revising and adopting voluntary information standards. To subscribe to this listserv, e-mail Scott Butner at

P2 Trainer
P2Trainer encourages the exchange of information about up to date pollution prevention educational programs and training opportunities related to cleaner technologies and products and pollution prevention. This listserver began as a collaboration between the Roundtable, the National Environmental Training Association (NETA), and the European Roundtable on Cleaner Production and Cleaner Products. It currently serves as a discussion forum for NPPR's Education, Training and Learning workgroup. Contact the NPPR list manager at to subscribe.

P2 Wazoo - Archive
Members of the Region 6 P2 roundtable can use this list server to connect with other members to keep up with regional events, exchange ideas, and ask for help.

Led by the Small Business Workgroup of the National Pollution Prevention Roundtable, this list aims to promote the active participation of small businesses in environmental decision making and assist them in finding innovative ways to increase compliance, efficiency and competitiveness by preventing pollution. E-mail subscription requests or questions to NPPR, (Please identify P2Business)

P2Energy promotes discussions of the incorporation of P2 into energy use and production. A collaborative effort of the National Pollution Prevention Roundtable and the U.S. EPA's Atmospheric Pollution Prevention Division. Currently, it also serves as a discussion forum for NPPR's Energy Efficiency (E2) Task Force. E-mail subscription requests or questions to NPPR, (Please identify P2Energy)

P2News - Archive
Pollution Prevention activities at EPA

P2R7 - Archive
Region 7 P2 community

A discussion forum for members of the National Pollution Prevention Roundtable's Sustainability discussion group and others interested in pollution prevention and sustainability issues. To subscribe to P2SUSTAIN send a message requesting to subscribe to P2SUSTAIN and containing your name, address, phone, and organization to

PBT Chem Focus - Archive
Waste minimization

Pollution Prevention and Compliance Assistance Measures
The purpose of this list is to provide an open forum for the posting and discussion of information relating to P2 metrics and the P2 Metrics Database developed by NEWMOA. List members are individuals who are involved in developing and using P2 metrics and those implementing NEWMOA’s P2 Metrics Database. P2Metrics is a discussion list open to government and government-affiliated organizations only. To subscribe to this listserv, send a blank e-mail to

Printech - Archive
PRINTECH is focused on technical aspects of environmental compliance issues faced by printers. Special attention is given to providing practical information on materials, practices and technologies that can prevent wastes and emissions at their source.

Product Stewardship Institute - Archive
This group is comprised of government officials working with the Product Stewardship Institute on electronics issues.

Region 3 News - Archive
Weekly summaries from EPA's Mid-Atlantic Region

Region 5 News Releases - Archive
Region 5 news releases

Region 6 - Pretreatment Listserv - Archive
A professional environmental group for discussions of pretreatment issues in EPA Region 6 - Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas.

Region 6 News Releases - Archive
Region 6 press releases, advisories and environmental news

Region 8 P2 Listserv
The Peaks to Prairies Center maintains a list serve to encourage cross-agency communication and promote understanding of how preventing pollution can be incorporated into the everyday operation of businesses, households, schools, and government. The purpose of the list is to provide information about regional events, new publications, and environmental news and to stimulate discussion about pertinent pollution prevention related topics. Subscription instructions are available at

Region 9 - Western Regional P2 Network Listserv
For instructions on how to subscribe to this listserv, visit

Region 9 DoD P2 Partnership Listserv - DoDP3 - Archive
The Region IV DOD P2 Partnership Listserve has been established as a communication tool for the DOD-State-EPA Region IV P2 Partnerships in EPA Region IV. It is designed to promote discussions among pollution prevention technical assistance providers about methods for implementing pollution prevention. It focuses on topics and events of common interest as well as enhancing and facilitating communication among states. All information is provided at no cost to you.

Region 9 News - Archive
US EPA Region 9 Press Releases

RPO - Listserv - Archive
Regional Planning Organizations activities

SBO/SBAP Mail List
This listserv is run by U.S. EPA Office of Small Business. To subscribe to this list, e-mail your request to

State Pretreatment Coordinators - Archive
EPA's discussion forum for State Pretreatment Coordinators

Sustainable Industrial Development Newsletter
To subscribe to this newsletter, e-mail Mr. Eddie Hsiao at

Wastewise - Archive
All WasteWise Partners and Endorsers

Waternews - Archive
Water quality information

Web Ambassador - Archive
EPA web site updates


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