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Please note that the Topic Hubs developed by this Center have been archived and are no longer being updated. GLRPPR has converted several of its Topic Hubs to LibGuides, which allow for integration of some social features.

View the converted hubs, as well as other LibGuides related to pollution prevention and sustainability, in the University of Illinois' LibGuides Community.

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Mercury Study Report to Congress, Volume 1 Chapter 3, Findings of the Mercury Study Report to Congre...
This overview discusses sources contributing to mercury in the environment, inventory approaches and...

The Mercury Cycle
A graphical representation of how mercury cycles through the environment.

Welcome to the Mercury Topic Hub™, a guide to basic information with links to additional on-line resources.

Background and Overview
Background information about how mercury travels in the environment. Also includes a general overview of mercury and information on the natural and anthropogenic sources of mercury.

Mercury in Products
Contains information on the uses and quantities of mercury in products and sectors and links to other hubs specific to these topics.

Health Effects
Contains health effects information useful for communicating the risks of mercury to the general public.

Fish Advisories
Contains background information on fish advisories and how they may be used to communicate the relevance and importance of mercury pollution prevention and source separation.

Regulations & Policies
Contains information on federal, state and local regulations focused on the prevention of mercury releases to the environment.

P2 Opportunities
General information about P2 opportunities and assistance approaches for preventing mercury pollution. This section also includes the National Mercury Reduction Programs database, which is a listing of all activities and assistance programs focused on reducing mercury emissions.

Acknowledgements for the mercury and pollution prevention experts who helped contribute to the development of the Mercury Topic Hub.

Where To Go for Help
This section displays contact information for people with expertise in mercury pollution prevention activities.

Complete List of Links
Lists all resources cataloged in this hub. If you know of resources relating to this topic, please let us know. We will review all suggestions and include them in the hub if they provide non-biased information not currently covered.


The Topic Hub™ is a product of the Pollution Prevention Resource Exchange (P2Rx)

The Mercury Topic Hub™ was developed by:

Northeast Waste Management Officials' Association
Northeast Waste Management Officials' Association
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Hub Last Updated: 12/4/2012

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