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GLRPPR Contacts: Clean Production Action

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Clean Production Action
P.O. Box 153
Spring Brook, New York 14140
Telephone: 716-805-1056

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  • National

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  • Clean Production is a way of designing products and manufacturing processes in harmony with natural ecological cycles. It aims to eliminate toxic wastes and inputs and promotes the sustainable use of renewable energy and materials. Our mission is to partner with organizations to hasten this transition. We analyze research, policy and market developments to identify and promote the best technical, academic and industry expertise on Clean Production. We transform this into direct, hands-on strategies for all stakeholders working along the production-consumption product chain. We work with environmental and public health advocates, trade unions, progressive companies, and governments round the world who share our commitment to sustainable and socially just material use. Our current projects include working with companies to substitute hazardous chemicals in products and production processes with Green Chemistry and safer substitutes; waste reduction through producer responsibility for product take-back; the promotion of sustainable agriculture for bio-based renewable materials, and awareness raising of the environmental and health implications of emerging new materials such as nanotechnology.

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