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GLRPPR Contacts: Grand Calumet Task Force

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Grand Calumet Task Force
2400 New York Ave.
Whiting, IL 46394
Telephone: 219-473-4246

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  • Local

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  • The Grand Cal Task Force is a community environmental organization working cooperatively to improve the land, air, and water quality of the Grand Calumet River and the urban ecosystem that surrounds it and to achieve environmental justice for the people of Northwest Indiana.


    • To restore the Grand Calumet River Basin, including the adjacent wetlands and near shore Lake Michigan;
    • To alert the community about the impact of pollution on human health and the environment;
    • To promote public involvement and decision-making in all aspects of environmental protection and restoration;
    • To promote environmentally sound jobs and diverse economic development in sustainable communities;
    • To be a catalyst for the people, their organizations, businesses and governments to come together to eliminate the effects of over 100 years of industrial pollution;
    • To disclose and fight environmental discrimination actions and policies by industry or government that place unfair burdens on people of color and the poor;
    • To support and/or participate in regional development initiatives that preserve and enhance the ecosystem;
    • To be a resource for residents of at-risk communities who assert their environmental rights.

Great Lakes Regional Pollution Prevention Roundtable (GLRPPR)
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