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GLRPPR Sector Resource: The Chemical Footprint Project (CFP)

The Chemical Footprint Project (CFP)

The mission of the Chemical Footprint Project is to transform global chemical use by measuring and disclosing data on business progress to safer chemicals. It provides a tool for benchmarking companies as they select safer alternatives and reduce their use of chemicals of high concern. The CFP Assessment Framework builds from other related frameworks, including the BizNGO Guide to Safer Chemicals and the Higg Index Chemicals Management Module. It differs from these frameworks as it is the first initiative to publicly benchmark corporate progress in chemicals management and safer chemicals use. Similar to carbon footprinting, chemical footprinting can apply to any business sector. The launch of the Chemical Footprint Project will focus on business sectors that are currently active in managing chemicals in products and supply chains, including the automotive, buliding products, consumer packaged goods, medical devices, electronics, and the apparel/footwear/outdoor industry sectors. Companies can participate in the Chemical Footprint Project (CFP) by registering and logging into the secure Chemical Footprint Project website to access the CFP tool. The CFP tool allocates a total of 100 points across 19 questions. Question-specific scores are added to give a company a total score. The response data from all participants will be anonymized, collated and analyzed. Respondents can choose whether to publicly share their participation in the CFP and can also choose whether to share the data they provide. Although third-party verification is not a requirement for participation, respondents receive additional points if data are independently validated. As the goal of the Chemical Footprint Project is to identify and promote leadsrship, the CFP will publically profile top performers. The results will provide valuable data to investors, retailers and other organizations seeking to understand best practices in chemicals management. In addition, CFP participants can share their results with their own customers and investors who are seeking to source products from companies that are leaders in using safer chemicals. Any company can use the CFP tool to benchmark its chemicals management program, understand its progress over time and its position relative to other companies. It is designed as a tool to measure continuous improvement in chemicals management.


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Resource Type:
Software/electronic tool

Date of Publication:
December 2014

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