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GLRPPR Sector Resource: Tracking Industrial Energy Efficiency and CO2 Emissions

Tracking Industrial Energy Efficiency and CO2 Emissions

A new publication from the International Energy Agency, Tracking Industrial Energy Efficiency and CO2 Emissions, shows that efficiencies differ widely between countries producing similar products and using similar processes, which is a clear indication of the potential for further efficiency gains. This finding is of global significance as manufacturing industry accounts for 36% of world CO2 emissions. Much of the efficiency differences that have been identified can be attributed to the age of plants. New plants tend to be more efficient than older ones. As a consequence, the most efficient industries can in some cases be found in emerging economies where production is expanding. Another notable finding is that China accounts for four fifths of the growth in industrial production and CO2 emissions during the past 25 years. China is now the single largest industrial producer of a wide range of energy intensive industrial commodities such as aluminium, ammonia, cement and steel. The rapid growth of production in less efficient developing countries has limited the average efficiency gains worldwide. The study suggests a technical efficiency improvement potential of 18-26% for the whole manufacturing industry, if process improvement options and systems options are taken into account. As this estimate does not consider the potential role of new technologies, the impact could be much larger.

This report is available for order from the International Energy Agency at the URL listed here. Prices are listed in euros, for the report in paper or PDF format for varying numbers of users. (Length: 324 pages)


International Energy Agency

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June 2007

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