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Regional Measurement

Objective of the Great Lakes Regional Measurement Task Force:

This task force will seek to understand how programs in GLRPPR currently measure P2 progress in their states - at the program and statewide levels. We will also evaluate how others measure P2 results and how we can adopt methods to improve the quality of those results and report more similar results. This Task Force will also identify resource limitations and difference between programs and state frameworks. The GLRPPR Steering Committee will determine who from Region 5 will represent the GLRPPR at the national level. Deb Jacobson will represent GLRPPR to the P2Rx project which is expected to have a key role in developing measurement tools and reporting systems.

The state representatives on this task force will be asked to represent their state and their agency in sharing opinions and existing activities within their state. They will also help coordinate opinions, collect data, and share regional and national measurement activity information with organizations and representatives within their state.


TRI Improvement
Kevin Greene, Karen Teliha, Roger Hannahs, Ted Smith, Mary Beth Holley (industry input), Ken Brown, Ann Miller

Goal - To be added/revised by G. Miller
Provide suggestions on how this data can contribute to the P2 results measurement data. Provide recommendations to improve the reporting system that will be provided to EPA.

Organizing State Networks and Reporting
Cindy McComas, Phil Kaplan, Lori Fryzuk, Debra Jacobson, David Herb, Mark McDermid, Jack Annis

Goal - Reporting methods
- Identify organizations (in addition to the list already assembled by GLRPPR) that could be a data contributor.
Deb Jacobson and Cindy McComas will draft a straw man document, which makes some suggestions about what data could be measured and reported (ultimately to EPA and NPPR). This would provide the work group members something to begin discussion with their constituents within their state.

Quality Characterization (including tools for collecting better data)
Gary Miller, David Liebl, Abby Corso, Tania Del Mato, David Everest, and Cindy Hilmoe, Sharon Goble

Goal - Review and identify ways to improve the quality of measurement data collected and reported and reduce duplicate counting. Develop summaries of limitations to complete and accurate data. Develop summaries of data impacts (i.e. preventing 1 lb. Of mercury in the environment has more impact than reducing water usage by 1000 gallons).

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